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Coins & Bars - Silver

Austrian Vienna Philharmonic Silver Coin  
Inspired by the world-famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the silver Philharmonic utilizes the same design as its gold counterpart.  A harmonious design of musical instruments from the Orchestra adorn the reverse side of the coin depicting a collection of orchestral instruments: a cello, four violins, a Vienna horn, bassoon, and harp. These instruments are arranged underneath the German name of the orchestra: 'WIENER PHILHARMONIKER'. The great organ in the Golden Hall in Vienna’s Musikverein is pictured on the obverse side of the coin. Struck in .999-fine silver, it is the first silver bullion coin to be denominated in Euros, bearing a stated value of €1.50. 

​The Austrian Mint was built in 1194 to strike silver paid in ransom for the release of England’s Richard the Lionhearted. Austria’s Duke Leopold V had captured the English monarch as Richard attempted to pass through the area undetected after a falling out during the Crusades. The silver Philharmonic is struck at this same Austrian Mint.