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Coins & Bars - Gold

American Eagle Gold Coin  
First created by sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens for the 1907-1933 U.S. $20 Double Eagle gold coin, this classic design captures the graceful Striding Liberty. The reverse depicts a nest of American Eagles signifying the strength and security of American families.

First minted in 1986, American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins are made according to the durable, 22-karat standard established for circulating gold coinage 350 years ago. The balance consists of silver and copper, added to increase the coin's durability.

Only gold mined in the United States, by law, is used in the minting of American Gold Eagles.

American Buffalo Gold Coin
Designed by the American master sculptor James Earle Fraser, the 1913-1938 “Indian Head” nickel, with the buffalo reverse, is part of American history. 

Three men, Chief Iron Tail, Chief Big Tree and Chief Two Moons, posed for Fraser as he designed the coin. The buffalo used by Fraser was a denizen of New York City’s Central Park Zoo.

​For the first time in its history, the United States Mint is offering a 24-karat gold bullion coin.  Containing one ounce of .9999 fine gold, these lustrous coins are among the world's purest gold coins. Each coin contains its full, stated weight of pure gold, which by law, must be taken from newly mined sources in America.