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About Us

Our People​
The personal attributes we look for in those who seek to be a part of out team are the ones we can’t teach them; honesty, integrity, humility and the willingness to work hard, always putting our clients first. The rest is simple.

A solid understanding of economic principles that endure the test of time and the wisdom to pause and think through everyday noise is a valued attribute.

​Our clients are a small, select group as we do not choose to work with the masses. And so it follows that we are a few in number too. 

Kathryn A. Derbes, CFA | Chief Executive Officer
A native of New Orleans, Kathryn graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BE in Civil Engineering. 

Following six years of engineering experience, Kathryn began her investment management career. During her decade at Kidder, Peabody & Co. she built a private client and institutional clientele focusing on Endowments and Foundations.  At GSB Investment Management, Inc., she furthered her career with a similar client profile adding Plan Sponsors. 

Commuting to Boston and San Francisco weekly, Kathryn met with institutional clients for State Street Global Advisors and Mellon Institutional Asset Management. Following her years with them she decided to pursue her career completely focused on the macroeconomic environment, particularly strategies for protection from the continual debasement of fiat currencies.

Her lifelong study of currency debasement preceding turbulent monetary periods throughout history and its profound impact on those who experience it has shaped her professional career.

Chartered Financial Analyst designation was conferred in 1998.

Member of the CFA Society of Dallas/Ft. Worth.

​She resides in Dallas, TX where KDPM is located.

Gracie | Human Relations
Our company mascot, Gracie is a tiny little girl (4 lbs, full grown, actually a little overgrown) with a big personality. In her short life she has shown us how to fully communicate without words. We understand each other.  She teaches us the importance of quieting ourselves to grasp what she’s trying to say.  Equally important, we continue to grow in our appreciation for really listening as it strengthens all of our relationships. 

​Gracie is actually a person in a little fluffy dog suit, and, our constant companion. We love her.