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About Us

What We Believe
We have always been careful to hold our beliefs close. We cherish the liberty our founding fathers granted us and celebrate the freedom our liberty has afforded us. We believe a sound currency safeguards our life efforts and personal responsibility guides us to protect and perpetuate our freedom, dignity and the ability to choose our lives. 

We also believe in privacy in everything we do for ourselves and for you. Simplifying our efforts strengthens each individual one. 

We are grateful for our decades prior to starting KDPM investing and managing assets for individuals and institutions large and small. It has given us a deep sense of the role sound money; good judgment and appreciation for risk have in building wealth. Safeguarding it is equally important and has led us to build a precious metals business in this economic climate.

We apply ourselves totally with each client, drawing on our past experience while seeking the truth and facts about current      economic and monetary developments. Collaborative by nature, our conversations center on education and understanding, not merely order taking. 

Our enduring principles continue to make us stronger on the inside; living by them fortifies our respect and belief in them. 

Importantly, we also listen. It is this ability to quiet ourselves that has afforded us so many longstanding relationships.